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Legs n Booty Gains

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To build your legs n booty, you’re looking at 4-6 months of consistent work. You’ll start seeing results well before this, but time will really show you what you’ve been working for. Trust me. Also, you can achieve your lower body goal much quicker than I locked mine in because I’m sharing my workouts. Workouts that I’ve changed multiple times to get the results I wanted.. so you won’t need the extra time of trial and error I had to put in.

Your eating habits are on you and you only. Make sure you’re eating enough! Even if you’re trying to lose weight at the same time, it’s important to get enough calories in on those leg days. Re-feed the muscles you worked out that day and let them grow for you. Also, be prepared to burn fat during my workouts. I promise you they’re the shit and will have you burning fat for hours post workout as well. That’s why interval training is so great.

As far as my diet goes, I’m a pretty healthy eater. I try not to snack too much but I definitely don’t have crazy restrictions. I’ve found that if I try to be ~perfect~ with eating, then I’ll have cravings and end up bingeing on more food than I would have just living naturally. Find your balance and don’t rush this balance. I order meal prep (local company delivers food to me twice a week) because I don’t enjoy cooking / pure laziness. The menu changes frequently so I also never get bored. It’s way more fun than chicken/rice/broccoli every single meal. Ordering meal prep also makes it so I eat out less because I know food is already ready for me at home. I’m not plugging a company’s name in here, only sharing the benefits of the service.

Limit running and most cardio. I used to run 10-20 miles a week and I’ve cut back to less than 5. Unfortunately running will not help you build your booty.

Plan your cheat/treat meals on your leg days. If you’re going to eat 2 dominoes pizzas, do it right after heavy leg day please. I love my ben n jerry’s (made with almond milk) ice cream and I partly credit it for my gains. Maybe the sugar content isn’t ideal for everyone but it allows me to pack in extra calories and fat that seriously feel like they’re going straight to my butt.

This lifestyle is about finding balance. If you love seemingly “unhealthy” food, try to use it to your advantage.

Also, while I want you to workout in whatever clothes you feel comfortable in, I’ve found that the tighter / more exposing fit.. the better. During the workouts, you can check yourself out in the mirror and see the muscles flex and relax and work for you. Focus your mind on the muscle you’re working. Studies have shown that this causes more neurons firing to that area, thus more success with performance and gains.

What I’m offering:

My 2 leg day workouts; a write up of everything and videos to show the moves incase you’re not familiar. Nothing too fancy, though I did figure out how to add text and put clips together. You’ll receive my exact workouts and everything I do / did to achieve the butt in the picture below. I’m asking for a minimum of $5 towards the hours I’ve spent creating these posts and videos for you guys. The money will also help me in my next venture of backpacking Europe. If you’re able to and willing (*bats eyelashes*), you can choose to pay $10, $15 or $20. You’ll receive the same info no matter how much you pay. I appreciate any and all support and I’m excited for the leg n booty gains in all of your futures!

If you prefer paying with cash app, my username is $tattooedtraveler. In the description, please only write your email so I easily have a place to send your workouts and nothing gets confusing.

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