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Ubud Hiatus

Caroline GregoryComment
Ubud Hiatus

For almost two months now I’ve been living in Ubud, Indonesia. This artsy town rests in the middle of Bali island. I’ve wanted to write about the vibe and scenery here for my blog but haven’t been able to find the words so far.  Thus, I’ve decided to use very few.  By means of only pictures with captions, here is why Ubud is my favorite place and how taking a hiatus here has been great for my psyche. 

Ons Bed n Breakfast, near Sacred Monkey Forest.  Clean, new villas, free eggs toast and fruit each morning, private bathroom, this pool and such a kind staff.   Perfect retreat for my break from backpacking.

Spiritual purification at Tirta Empul Temple.  You are to make an offering, pray and cleanse yourself in each fountain.  The water flows from a natural spring in the village.

Me.  The tattooed traveler.  

Outskirts of Ubud, we were driving motorbikes to go snorkeling on the coast.  Gorgeous views.

Nature walk to The Yoga House.  This path goes through villages and rice fields for miles.

Happy lil painter at Tegalalang rice terraces.

Balinese food at Biah Biah cafe.  My favorites, nasi campur and sate ayam.  I eat here all the time.  This is the place I was sitting at when someone asked me if my neck tattoo hurts when I eat.

Views from Seven Sky Hostel, another place I've stayed with Shayna.

Tegenungan waterfall.

Same waterfall, but this time at the cliff edge.  We did go underneath the crashing falls. Sorry mom.

Also on the walk through rice fields, I visit my neighboring painters. They're so talented.  I love this piece!

Alien commission painting I've been working on.  Theres a small art store on one of the side streets in town that I found when I was walking to my hostel.  Whenever I need more supplies in the future, the owner told me to enter her compound and yell for her lol.  Rarely is she actually watching her shop out front. 

One of many sacred geometry shops in Ubud.

Another cool shop.  1000s of pots line a whole street! 

Gootama Street.  Home to Biah Biah cafe, Flower of Life cafe, more organic places to eat, spas and cool clothing shops.

Local artist friend, Tono, helps me prepare my painting for shipping to the States.  He made me a cardboard tube.

Rice fields on the walk back to my hostel.  Monkeys try to steal my groceries.

Pulina Coffee Plantation.  Annie (girl from Sweden) and I went here the other day to see how Lewak coffee is made.  We got a sampler of a bunch of different kinds.  I don't like coffee, but I tried them for fun.

Cool walkways and gardens are prevalent in Ubud.  I took this picture behind my hostel.  I listen to The Lumineers and walk this path to catch sunset now and then.

Handmade offerings to the Divine.  Cookies, flowers, money, crackers, leaves, and holy water are a few of the additions seen here.

Meditating monkey.  Maybe human blog reader will see and human blog reader will do?

Not pictured:

  • Nightly thunderstorms
  • Dreaded boys playing hang drum
  • Live music and dancing @ The Laughing Buddha
  • Ubud's Readers and Writers festival
  • My fitness studio


Love and light,