Caroline Gregory

Southern Africa Road Trip: Camping Food Ideas and Map Of Route

Caroline Gregory
Southern Africa Road Trip: Camping Food Ideas and Map Of Route

Southern Africa Road Trip: Camping Food Ideas, Useful Apps and Map of Route

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Table Of Contents

Part 1: Intro, Truck Rental, Packing Essentials and SIM card info

Part 2: Camping Food Ideas and Map Of Route

Part 3: Namibia Campsites and How To Book Them

Part 4: Botswana & Zimbabwe Campsites and How To Book Them

Part 5: Favorite Sights (Coming Soon)

When you’re in the middle of Africa and remember you don’t know how to cook.

So you have a truck reservation, the essentials packed and now you’re wondering how you’ll survive in the middle of nowhere with no restaurants?

Some of the campsites will have reasonbly priced family style dinners but for the most part, you’re on your own!

Fiona and I are both pretty incompetent in the kitchen and we survived so I’m confident you will too. It’s not that we don’t like to cook (yes it is), but having been traveling / living abroad for most of our young adult lives, it just hasn’t been a priority of ours.

That being said, maybe you should get your camping meal plan elsewhere…

Oh, you’re still here? Keep reading then.

Food Ideas


  • Scrambled eggs w/ chopped capsicum and a baguette

  • Oatmeal w/ peanut butter and diced apples

Breakfast views @ Ngpei

Easily boil water for your morning coffee and oatmeal


  • Wrap: Lunch meat (turkey or ham) or tuna, provolone cheese, hummus or mustard

  • PB&J sandwich

(We’d normally be driving or exploring during the day so lunch had to be easy and not require us to set up our stove top.)


  • Mixed nuts and dried fruit

  • Popcorn

  • Granola bars

  • Baby carrots (pro tip: don’t let these freeze in your cooler)

  • Greek yogurt

  • Banana Bread


  • Tacos: tortillas, ground meat, taco seasoning, diced tomatoes and lettuce if you’re fancy

  • Pesto pasta and tuna

  • Beans or chickpeas paired with a veggie

  • Couscous with almonds and cranberries

  • Chicken on the grill

  • Braai pack (bbq sold at the grocery store or by some campsites; these are popular among campers but not really my thing)

  • Honestly, sometimes I just went to sleep for dinner

Must love tacos.

This is called the “everything-you-have-left-foil-surprise.” Inside this one was chopped potatoes, onions and sweet peppers. Wrap everything in foil with oil and seasoning then throw it on the grill. Thanks Fiona.

Let’s get on the road already.

It’s time we get to the actual traveling parts of this journey.

Fiona (wife her up!) planned our route and booked everything for us. Friends of hers conveniently completed this road trip in 2017 so they were also a big help.

Fiona drove manual and I was the navigator each day using Google maps and for offline directions.

Map Of Route:


  • Google didn’t allow more than 10 destination points so she overlapped 2 routes in the visual above.

  • You can click the expand icon at the top right to view the map and see all the location points. If you’re confused by the overlapping of letters, consider unchecking one of of the red “Direction” boxes on the left of your screen.

  • Our start and end point was Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Part 3: Namibia Campsites and How To Book Them