Caroline Gregory

How Much I Spent Traveling 3 Weeks In Europe

Caroline Gregory
How Much I Spent Traveling 3 Weeks In Europe

How Much I Spent Traveling 3 Weeks In Europe

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Hello from Turkey,

I’m asked about expenses all the time so here we are.

Understandably so, money is the most common factor holding people back from traveling. I want to shed some light on my expenses the past few weeks thru Europe, just incase it’ll help those travel dreamers that are unaware of the costs. Keep in mind, each traveler is not the same. We haggle differently, we have different activity interests, we are comfortable with better or worse sleeping arrangements, etc. I can only provide information from my experience. I can’t tell you how much anyone else will spend in the same regions.

Personally, I like to travel as economically efficient as possible. Seeing the world is luxury enough, I’m just happy to be out here. I don’t fly business class or stay at expensive hotels. You can find me with the locals on buses & trains, budget airline flights and eating at the street markets. Sure I have sit down meals, go to the gym sometimes and splurge on excursions that interest me, but I still live pretty minimally. I love hostels for cheap accommodation and easy access to meeting people or getting information about a city. Shared accommodation means sometimes I’m sleeping in a bunkbed at 27 years young. I even sleep overnight at airports when my journey calls for it.

Many of you would never want to travel this way and that’s cool. The backpacking lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but I remember when I first learned about it.. how excited and inspired I was to know my travel dream was possible if I was just willing to give up a few things to make it happen. So tonight, I’m writing for the people that can relate or want to be able to.

To better understand the $ figure I’ll share at the end accounting for my 3 weeks on this trip, you’ll need to know where I’ve been lately.

Buckingham Palace (London, United Kingdom)

I’ve visited 6 major cities. Here’s the average cost of a hostel / night in each one.

  • London, UK (25-30 USD)

  • Berlin, Germany (23 USD)

  • Warsaw, Poland (14 USD)

  • Budapest, Hungary (11 USD)

  • Istanbul, Turkey (11 USD)

  • Cappadocia, Turkey (currently here, 10 USD)

Normally, I’d venture around more of a country than one city each but I have to meet a friend in a few days so my time in Europe is limited. It’s also more expensive here so I tend to not hang around as long.

Breathtakingly beautiful though.

London, United Kingdom

I’ve flown internationally 4 times. Orlando to London, London to Berlin, Warsaw to Budapest & Budapest to Istanbul. These flights alone account for 1/3 of my travel costs. I have to check a bag each time and I book my flights pretty late in the game. With more advanced planning and having just a carry-on, you’re bound to spend less than I have.

I took an overnight bus between Berlin & Warsaw and also between Istanbul & Cappadocia.

Fisherman’s Bastion (Budapest, Hungary)

Warsaw, Poland (such a cute city!)

I’ve been pretty active with walking and going to the gym 1-2 times / week wherever I am. Even so though, I normally am on public transport a lot too. Especially in London where a day pass is about $17. Cities have me out and about a lot, more so looking around instead of doing actual activities though. That’s why I didn’t post many pictures of myself thru these parts because although the cities are cool and architecturally really dope, I’m not really a city person or stoked to have my photo in front of building after building. I do, however, eat as much as I can of the local cuisine! Europe has had amazing food.

$10/night, Stay In Peace Cave Hostel

I’m now in Cappadocia, Turkey. Sleeping in a cave hostel tonight. This town is known for it’s cave accommodation; they’re so cozy and warm. It’s actually snowing outside which I did not pack for but I’m pretty stoked. As a Floridian, I’ve seen snow maybe 5 times. It’s also nice to know I’m here only temporarily and my next country is much much warmer.

The moment you’ve been waiting for.. 3 weeks, 5 countries and 1 tattooed traveler.

Money spent: $1150

This averages to less than $40/day which is pretty great considering how many times I flew. A few more things to note, Eastern Europe is a lot cheaper than Western Europe. As expected, London was the most expensive of the bunch and Turkish cities were the cheapest. Some of my hostel stays included breakfast or I made my own when there was a kitchen to do so in. I also rarely drink alcohol or party so a huge amount of money is saved opting for tea. Lastly, I have an international debit card so ATM fees aren’t an issue for me.

Hope this was helpful to someone.

Happy Earth Day xo,